SugarBytes provides opportunities to learn, teach, share and win through celebrating sugar cane farming achievers in Africa

About SugarBytes

Welcome to SugarBytes.

The heart of this page is for the progress of the industry. Everything you find here will be aimed at generating greater success among more farmers. We started doing this by profiling the industry’s most successful farmers, with an in-depth look at what it was that they were doing that others could learn from and implement in their own operations.

What does it take to be a great farmer? Mostly, you need to be passionate, involved, wise and knowledgeable. Although we try to inspire passion, wisdom and involvement, we can only truly provide the knowledge. And that’s what we’ll do, in as reader-friendly a way as possible, by bringing you current and interesting articles on anything we feel could be used to improve your farming operation.

Who reads SugarBytes?

Anyone who wants to really, as the site is open to the public. To make it easier for those directly involved, an email with a link to the latest article is sent to sugar farmers via the various mill group areas. Currently, about 1200 people are receiving the email linking them to the latest article.

How often are new articles published?

Every fortnight. Have a look at what’s previously published under the LATEST ARTICLES tab.

What are the articles about?

Anything that will assist sugar farmers. That may be a look into how a successful farmer is running his enterprise or it might be an overview of what diversification crops there are to enhance farmers’ sustainability through tough economic times or even a technical insight into new innovations. The topics are not finite and will grow to include anything the farmers may enjoy reading about and will offer them an opportunity to improve their enterprises.

Feel free to contact me anytime should you have any questions.


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